Đồ Ngủ Đồ Lót Đồ Bay Đồ Lót Bộ Đồ Liền Thân Gợi Cảm Mới Đồ Ngủ Thời Trang Teddy

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Bao bì: 1 miếng đồ lót, Bộ đồ lót này rất đặc biệt, với thêu tinh tế, làm tăng thêm niềm vui cho cuộc sống của bạn, Phong cách: sexy, Loại: đồ lót, Kí...
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Giới thiệu Đồ Ngủ Đồ Lót Đồ Bay Đồ Lót Bộ Đồ Liền Thân Gợi Cảm Mới Đồ Ngủ Thời Trang Teddy

New Fashion Sexy Lingerie Sleepwear Underwear Jumpsuit Bodysuit Teddy Pajamas

Material: Main polyester

Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Style: sexy

Type: Underwear

How to wash: wash by hand

Packaging: 1 piece of underwear


This is a very soft polyester material that is comfortable and breathable.

This set of underwear is very special, with delicate embroidery, which adds fun to your life

You can wear it in your favorite places, such as hotels, Valentine's Day, parties, bars, dating.

Underwear size is accurate, please choose according to your regular size, please wash by hand below 30 degrees.

The position of the flower is cut randomly, please don't mind

Size Bust Waist Hips
S 80-84cm/31.4-33.0" 64-68cm/25.2-26.8" 88-92cm/34.6-36.2"
M 84-88cm/33.0-34.6" 68-72cm/26.8-28.3" 92-96cm/36.2-37.8"
L 88-92cm/34.6-36.2" 72-76cm/28.3-29.9" 96-100cm/37.8-39.4"
XL 92-96cm/36.2-37.8" 76-80cm/29.9-31.5" 100-104cm/39.4-40.9"
Size:S Bust:80-84cm/31.4-33.0" Waist:64-68cm/25.2-26.8" Hips:88-92cm/34.6-36.2"
Size:M Bust:84-88cm/33.0-34.6" Waist:68-72cm/26.8-28.3" Hips:92-96cm/36.2-37.8"
Size:L Bust:88-92cm/34.6-36.2" Waist:72-76cm/28.3-29.9" Hips:96-100cm/37.8-39.4"
Size:XL Bust:92-96cm/36.2-37.8" Waist:76-80cm/29.9-31.5" Hips:100-104cm/39.4-40.9"

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